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    1. Containerized Ice Making Machine
    2. Containerized Ice Making MachineOur flake ice evaporator is a component of our containerized ice making machine, which is a concrete cooling system. With several patented techniques, this containerized ice making machine is capable of producing even and powderless ice flake for long-time storage.
    1. Containerized Water Chiller
    2. Containerized Water ChillerSnowkey water chilling system is containerized for convenient usage on harsh working sites. Adopting evaporative condenser and 4-stage water cooling system, it is capable of cooling water from 46℃ (or even higher) to 0.5℃.
    1. Automatic Ice Storage
    2. Automatic Ice StorageOur automatic ice storage is applied for automatic ice supply and storage for situations where considerable ice is temporary in need. It could automatically level the ice produced by ice maker in the container until the container is full.
    1. Ice Delivery Equipment
    2. Ice Delivery EquipmentOur screw ice delivery is a kind of ice delivery equipment that adopts screw blade to deliver ice flakes. It is especially economical for short-distance ice delivery.
    1. Ice Weighing Equipment
    2. Ice Weighing EquipmentSnowkey screw ice weigher is specially designed for high-efficient weighing of flake ice. It is usually applied for delivering ice to belt conveyor. With patented digital filter technology, this weigher features accurate computation and stable performance.
    1. Concrete Cooling Solution
    2. Concrete Cooling SolutionThe concrete cooling solution is developed relying on our years of experience in the industry. The cooling surface of the ice produced with our concrete cooling system is up to 1750m2/ton, resulting in optimal cooling effect.
    1. Flake Ice Evaporator
    2. Flake Ice EvaporatorWe adopt jacketed evaporator for our flake ice evaporator. In the jacketed evaporator, the refrigerant evaporates and ice forms on the inner wall. Water is first pumped up into a water distributor at the top of the evaporator.
    1. Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine for Land
    2. Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine for LandSnowman comes with a wide range of fresh water flake ice machines with a daily output ranging from 0.5 ton to 20 tons. We also provide sea water flake ice machine for you needs.
    1. Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for Ship
    2. Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for ShipAccording to classification society standards, our sea water flake ice machine for ship is specially designed for maritime ice making. With super anti-corrosion property, it utilizes seawater directly to make ice and is therefore an ideal tool for deep-sea fishing.
    1. Tube Ice Machine
    2. Tube ice maker, also named as tube ice machine, is applied to produce ice for daily applications. With special ice making method, ice made by Snowkey tube ice maker is pure, clean, and glistening.
    1. Containerized Block Ice Machine
    2. Containerized Block Ice MachineAll the components of our containerized block ice maker, as the name suggests, are equipped in an ISO standard container. No need for any pipelines or connections, our containerized block ice maker can work separately as long as water and power are supplied.
    1. Saltwater Block Ice Machine
    2. Saltwater Block Ice MachineWe adopt antirust, anti-corrosion titanium tube as the evaporator to improve heat conductivity and ensure longer serving time. The inner wall and all the salt-contact parts are of PE material, which is resistant to low temperature and rust.
    1. Aluminum Plank Block Ice Machine
    2. Aluminum Plank Block Ice MachineAll the components of aluminum plank block ice maker are fixed on an steel frame. It is easy to install and transport and could work as long as power and water are supplied. The standard power supply is 380V/3P/50Hz. It could also be changed upon request.
    1. Flake Ice Evaporator
    2. Plate Ice MakerOur plate ice maker is optimized with alloy and patent processing technology. It is highly heat-conductive. Needless for extra heating, this ice making machine uses self-generated hot fluorine gas to remove the ice, highly efficient and energy-saving.
    1. Slurry Ice Machine
    2. Due to their superior fluidity and cooling properties, these perfect, round crystals are easy to distribute through piping and can completely cover the product to be cooled and flow into crevices, thus providing greater surface contact and faster cooling.
    1. Spiral Freezer
    2. Spiral FreezerAccording to the HACCP sanitary safety concept, the inner of the spiral freezer is designed to be simple for cleaning and maintenance. The product fully conforms to related food sanitary standards.
    1. Tunnel Freezer
    2. Tunnel FreezerTo meet HACCP food safety management standards, the tunnel freezer incorporates an inner space which is simple for cleaning and maintenance. SUS304 stainless steel internal body and wire mesh belt (or solid plate) are corrosion resistance and have long service life.
    1. Plate Freezer
    2. Plate FreezerThe freezing plates for the plate freezer are made using 6063aluminum-magnesium alloy, and have high degree of finish, high strength, good thermal conductivity, and strong corrosion resistance. The stainless steel freezing-cabinet interior and exterior ensures easy cleaning and high food sanitation as well.
    1. Standalone Double Stage Screw Compressor
    2. Standalone Double Stage Screw CompressorThe standalone screw compressor realizes double-stage compression, and has very compact structure, reasonable layout, and artistic contour design. This ensures simplified configuration for refrigeration systems.
    1. Single Stage Screw Compressor
    2. Single Stage Screw CompressorThe unit has high oil separation efficiency up to 10PPM, due to its adoption of multiple types of oil separation methods, such as four-times of impaction, the separation of large-diameter particles from the liquid by gravity method, highly efficient molecular material filtration, and more.
    1. Cold Storage Panel
    2. Cold Storage PanelThe imported roll forming machine provides the PU cold storage panel with high precision dimension. To satisfy clients' varied demands, the product is designed with adjustable length, width, and thickness; and each of the interior PU hard bubbles comes with uniform density, hardness, and volume-weight.
    1. Combine Cold Storage Room
    2. Combine Cold Storage RoomThe cold storage panels for cold storage room construction are available with custom-made length, width, height, and surface layer material, so as to meet users' varied application demands. We promise the final cold room has high quality and high reliability.
    1. SEC Evaporative Condenser
    2. SEC Evaporative CondenserThe strong air generated by the draught fan enables the spraying water to cover on the coil surface with maximized covering area, which amazingly improves the heat exchange efficiency.
    1. Air Cooler
    2. The housing of the cooling fan is coated with white epoxy paint, and hence is corrosion resistant and has elegant appearance. Almost all fasteners are made of stainless steel to ensure corrosion resistance.