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Burj Khalifa Ice Making Project

Burj Khalifa locates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with a total height of 828 meters and overall floor number of 162, whose construction started from 2004, and consumed 330,000 m3 of concretes and 62,000 T of reinforcing bars. About four thousand workers and one hundred cranes are involved to convey these concretes to 606 meters' height.

All the concretes used in Burj Khalifa's construction, including pilling and tower body, are all cooled by Snowkey's ice machines and water chillers. Not only do we provide ice machines and water chillers, 24-hour technical support is always available. In this way, a universal popularity has been realized.

Site: United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Two sets of containerized flake ice machine FIP60: ice output-60T/day
Two sets of automatic ice storage AIS100: storage capacity: 100T
Two sets of containerized water chiller ICW240: 240T cold water with a temperature of 1℃ in a single day
Four sets of screw ice delivery TS1612: 12 meters' high with an hourly delivery of 16T
Four sets of screw ice weigher QWT500: Weighing capacity – 500kg for a single time
Working condition: external environment temper of 50 ℃, 45℃ water temperature
Daily output of concrete: 1600-2400 m3
Discharging temperature of concrete: 20-25℃

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