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Bahrain Urban Construction Project

Snowkey's refrigeration system is always used to cool concretes, so it is applied to Bahrain's urban construction project.

Site: Bahrain

One set of containerized flake ice machine FIP43: Ice output – 43T/day
One set of automatic ice storage AIS 75: Ice storage capacity – 75T
One set of containerized water chiller ICW240: 240T 1℃ cold water per day
One set of screw ice delivery TS1612: With a length of 12 meters and ice delivery rate of 16T/h
One set of pneumatic ice weigher QWT400: weighing capacity 400kg/time
Working environment: exterior environment 50℃, and water temperature of 45℃
Daily concrete output: 800-1100m3
Concrete discharging temperature: 25-28℃

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