Spiral Freezer

Thoroughly sanitary freezing environment
1. According to the HACCP sanitary safety concept, the inner of the spiral freezer is designed to be simple for cleaning and maintenance. The product fully conforms to related food sanitary standards.
2. The interior body and the wire mesh belt are made of stainless steel SUS304, which ensures corrosion resistance and high hygienic standard.
3. The hydrophilic film for the heat exchanger fins can effectively avoid the generation of harmful alumina powder.
4. Especially made of sanitary ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, all the roller wheels, rotary drum, and guide rails come with high sanitary standard.

Quick freezing and low moisture loss
1. With arc-shaped air deflector, the spiral freezer offers uniform interior temperature, and efficient freezing.
2. The finned type heat exchanger ensures high efficiency in heat exchanging. Thus, the temperature dropping is fast.

Reliable and stable operation
1. Advanced structure design guarantees stable equipment running.
2. Strict controls on manufacturing and installation techniques ensure accurate and reliable equipment performance.
3. Multiple alarming systems are available to avoid incipient faults.

Application fields
This quick frozen machine can be used to preserve seafood, poultry, pastry, prepared food, vegetable, fruit, dairy product, ice cream, and more.

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