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Slurry Ice Machine

Slurry ice machine features:
1. Slurry ice machine owns a semi-closed structure, so operators could enjoy an easier monitoring, easier adjustment, easier cleaning and maintenance;
2. Snowkey's slurry ice machine is designed in strict accordance with the standards of pressure vessel, so a stable and safe operation could be ensured;
3. When compared with similar products, our slurry ice machine has a larger evaporation surface, so a higher output could be achieved;
4. It allows ice making from sea waters or saline water with a salt concentration of 2.9 or higher, so it could be applied in most of the seas in the world;
5. The slurry ice machine also enjoys a higher evaporation temperature when compared with others, so a high ice making efficiency and an effective energy saving could be ensured;
6. Unique operation technique is introduced, which helps to ensure a high reliability and a small rate of malfunction;
7. Corrosion-resistant components are outfitted in this ice machine, so it could be used in a relatively long service life;
8. Our slurry ice machine has a compact structure, so it could be installed in narrow spaces, like, cabins;
9. Control panel is manufactured in accordance with the standards for marine electrical products, so a good corrosion resistance and high security could be ensured;
10. Comprehensive solution for slurry ice machine could be supplied for different applications;
11. Snowkey's slurry ice machine is fully automatic, so there is no need for manual monitoring.

Condensing unit Compressor Overall performance
Model Cooling method Ice making medium Output Tons/d Refrigeration capacity KW Type Motor HP Electricity consumption KW Installation power KW Cold water circulation amount m3/hr L*W*H mm
S50WI Water cooling Seawater and brine 5 9.4 Piston 6 4.65 5.5 4 1420×1200×1500
S100WI Water cooling Seawater and brine 10 18.3 Piston 12 7.5 9.8 8 1600×1200×1650
S150WI Water cooling Seawater and brine 15 26.9 Piston 22 13.5 19.2 12 2350×1100×1470
S200WI Water cooling Seawater and brine 20 35.8 Piston 30 17 25 15 2720×1160×2000
S250WI Water cooling Seawater and brine 25 46.8 Piston 37 22.5 31.25 18 2800×1600×2000
S375WI Water cooling Seawater and brine 37.5 64.2 Piston 50 30.8 42.2 22 3050×1750×2260

1. Above parameters are measured when 3P/380V/50Hz power supply and R22 system are introduced with water supply pressure of 1.5bar;
2. Above parameters are measured when the external environmental temperature us 33℃, water temperature is 10 ℃ and a freezing rate of 40%.
A. With water cooling and integrated structure as reference, customized air-cooled split condensing unit could be produced in Snowkey;
B. With land use plate ice maker as reference, customized ship use plate ice maker with ice storage could be provided;
C. Above technical parameters are average data, so the actual one may have a ±5% tolerance.

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