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Saltwater Block Ice Machine

We are block ice machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our saltwater block ice maker is designed to produce block ice out of saltwater.

Features of Saltwater Block Ice Maker
1. We adopt antirust, anti-corrosion titanium tube as the evaporator to improve heat conductivity and ensure longer serving time.
2. The inner wall and all the salt-contact parts are of PE material, which is resistant to low temperature and rust.
3. Unique reversible tank and melting tank design, easy to operate
4. The heat of exhaust is recycled to melting tank.
5. module structure, easy to move and install
6. Containerized saltwater block ice maker is also available. The 20-feet containerized maker produce 6 tons per day, the 40-feet type can produce 12 tons per day.
7. We can also make customized saltwater block ice maker according to your request.

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