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Block Ice Machine

Snowkey Block Ice Machine is plug-ready and specially designed for tropical and coastal conditions. It consists of an ISO 40 feet or 20 feet container and is GFRP coated with anti-corrosive performance.

    1. Containerized Block Ice Machine
    2. Containerized Block Ice MachineAll the components of our containerized block ice maker, as the name suggests, are equipped in an ISO standard container. No need for any pipelines or connections, our containerized block ice maker can work separately as long as water and power are supplied.
    1. Saltwater Block Ice Machine
    2. Saltwater Block Ice MachineWe adopt antirust, anti-corrosion titanium tube as the evaporator to improve heat conductivity and ensure longer serving time. The inner wall and all the salt-contact parts are of PE material, which is resistant to low temperature and rust.
    1. Aluminum Plank Block Ice Machine
    2. Aluminum Plank Block Ice MachineAll the components of aluminum plank block ice maker are fixed on an steel frame. It is easy to install and transport and could work as long as power and water are supplied. The standard power supply is 380V/3P/50Hz. It could also be changed upon request.

Features of Block Ice Machine
1. All the parts in contact with brine or water are made of stainless steel. They are galvanized or anti-corrosive treated
2. The brine-tank is fully insulated and covered by removable panels
3. The ice-cans are made of thick (1.5-2.0mm) stainless steel
4. A crane with push button control is equipped to help harvest the ice block.
5. Strong heating elements ensures the blocks to be detached quickly from the cans.
6. One freezing cycle takes about 8 hours, corresponding to three continuous harvests a day.

Parameters of Block Ice Machine
Ice block, standard sized are (bottom x high):
12.5 kg = 140 x 125 x 800 mm
20 kg = 250 x 125 x 800 mm
25 kg = 300 x 125 x 800 mm
50 kg = 440 x 180 x 800 mm
75 kg = 450 x 190 x 900 mm
100 kg = 470 x 240 x900 mm
125 kg = 520 x 280 x900mm
Single day production: 1-10MT
Water: fresh water, salty water and water with colorant
We can design the size as you demand, please contact us for detail.

Applications of Block Ice Machine
Our block ice machine is specially suitable to be applied in low-latitude countries for industrial cooling, ocean fishing, food storage, ice sculpturing and more.

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