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Containerized Block Ice Machine

All the components of our containerized block ice maker, as the name suggests, are equipped in an ISO standard container. No need for any pipelines or connections, our containerized block ice maker can work separately as long as water and power are supplied. It could also be installed on a truck, which forms a mobile ice making station. It is particularly convenient for ice making!

Model B25WB B50WB B75WB B100WB B200WB B200WB
Output (Tons/24hrs) 2.5 5 7.5 10 20 20
Containerized type 20ft 40ft 40ft 40ft 40ft+20ft 2×40ft+1×20ft 2×40ft+1×20ft
Ice block weight (kg) 12.5, 20, 25, 50
External temperature (℃) 33
Water temperature (℃) 20
Water supply pressure (KPa) 150~500
Evaporation temperature (℃) 10~-20
Condensing temperature (℃) 38~43
Refrigeration capacity (KW) 17.5 35 52.5 70 140 140
Compressor nominal horse power (hp) 10 25 40 50 50+cold storage 4 100 100+ cold storage 8
Cold storage capacity (Tons) 10 20
Ice-can standard Q235-A cold rolled steel sheet or SUS304 stainless steel sheet (Please note your requirement)
12.5kg Ice block: 160×130×800 (mm)
20kg Ice block: 270×130×800 (mm)
25kg Ice block: 320×130×800 (mm)
50kg Ice block: 460×180×800 (mm)
75kg Ice block: 480×220×900 (mm) If you are looking for a customized block ice machine, please contact our staffs.
100kg Ice block: 500×270×900 (mm)
125kg Ice block: 550×310×900 (mm)
135kg Ice block: 584×305×1150 (mm)
Model reference B stands for block ice machine, number refers to its output (actual output is one tenth of the number), W means cooling type (w: water cooling; A: air cooling; E: evaporative cooling), and the last letter "B" stands for indirect ice brine cooling.
Compressor brand: Standard one owns a Lai Fukang compressor
Air cooling condenser has zero water consumption.
Standard condensing unit introduces HFC (hydraufluorocarbon) refrigerant, like, R22, R507A and 404A. Please note your preferred one when you are placing an order. If you are looking for detailed parameters for 30T~120T block ice machine, please contact our salesman.
Ice output and other technical parameters for nonstandard conditions or custom requirements could be supplied by our salesman. If required, custom block ice machine (including nonstandard power supply, refrigerant, and standard) could be provided by Snowkey.
Due to technical innovation, above standards may change without informing at advance.

1. One-stop ice making system: with condensing unit included, combining ice making, ice thawing and water feeding system together;
2. Brine tank and container bottom are specially designed with corrosion resistance, so they could be used in a long period of time.
3. Professional crane is designed for smooth operation and easy maintenance;
4. Our refrigerant could perfectly meet the international standard, so they enjoy a worldwide application.
5. Dry-expansion evaporator is applied, which helps to reduce refrigerant usage and allow compact installation and safe operation.
6. Single container could produce 2.5~10T ice blocks within 24 hours. If higher output is required, multiple containers could be used together. Ice block weight: 12.5kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg;
7. Our container, including both the high cube container and open top container, is approved by ISO organization;
8. No special requirements towards construction field, as soon as it is solid earth;
9. Short field installation field and commissioning time, thus to reduce user's costs and risks;
10. Safe and reliable, our containerized block ice machine allows easy movement, which could be transported by trucks and ships.

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