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Aluminum Plank Block Ice Machine

All the components of aluminum plank block ice maker are fixed on an steel frame. It is easy to install and transport and could work as long as power and water are supplied. The standard power supply is 380V/3P/50Hz. It could also be changed upon request.

Model Ice block standard Ice block weight Ice output External temperature Water temperature Condensing type
mm kg Tons/24hrs
B10AF 200*100*300 5 1 33 20 Air cooling
158*130*580 10
215*130*500 12.5
260*130*560 15
B25AF 130*130*660 10 2.5
190*130*570 12.5
220*130*580 15
Model Block ice standard Refrigerant capacity Power Evaporator dimension Weight
mm KW KW L*W*H(mm) Tons
B10AF 200*100*300 6.5 5.66 3200*1626*1340(evaporator included) 2
158*130*580 5.25 3.45 3940*1650*1700(evaporator included)
B25AF 130*130*660 13.8 9 3940*1750*2200(evaporator included) 4

1. Integrated refrigeration system
2. Specially designed evaporator has efficient thermal conductance.
3. Block ice produced by our aluminum plank block ice machine is quite clean and hygiene, so it perfectly meets the using standard.
4. Dry-expansion evaporator is applied, which helps to reduce refrigerant usage and allow compact installation and safe operation.
5. Micro-computer is applied for intellectual controlling towards water feeding, ice making, thawing and auto-protection when default occurs.
6. Output: 1T/day, 2.5T/day; block ice weight: 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg
7. ISO approved high cube container is introduced in our aluminum plank block ice machine;
8. The block ice machine could be transported by trucks or ships, allowing easier movement;
9. Short field installation and commissioning time, thus to reduce customers' production cost and risks.

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