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Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for Ship

According to classification society standards, our sea water flake ice machine for ship is specially designed for maritime ice making. With super anti-corrosion property, it utilizes seawater directly to make ice and is therefore an ideal tool for deep-sea fishing.

Features of Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for Ship
1. All the components of this machine are welded to reach a compact structure
2. Stable performance, allowing operation even when the ship is 30°tilted.
3. Semi-hermetic piston compressor with deepened oil tank
4. Seawater condensator, which is designed for maritime uses
5. Standard power supply: 380V/3P/50Hz. Customized power supply is also available

Model Standard ice output Compressor power Reduction drive power Circulator pump power Refrigerant
SFM075 750kg/day 4HP 0.18KW 0.026KW R404A/R507A/R22
SFM10 1000kg/day 5HP 0.18KW 0.026KW R404A/R507A/R22
SFM16 1600kg/day 9HP 0.37KW 0.04KW R404A/R507A/R22
SFM20 2000kg/day 14HP 0.37KW 0.04KW R404A/R507A/R22
SFM30 3000kg/day 18HP 0.37KW 0.09KW R404A/R507A/R22
SFM50 5000kg/day 34HP 0.55KW 0.13KW R404A/R507A/R22
SFM75 7500kg/day 44HP 0.75KW 0.26KW R404A/R507A/R22
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