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Flake Ice Machine

    1. Flake Ice Evaporator
    2. Flake Ice EvaporatorWe adopt jacketed evaporator for our flake ice evaporator. In the jacketed evaporator, the refrigerant evaporates and ice forms on the inner wall. Water is first pumped up into a water distributor at the top of the evaporator.
    1. Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine for Land
    2. Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine for LandSnowman comes with a wide range of fresh water flake ice machines with a daily output ranging from 0.5 ton to 20 tons. We also provide sea water flake ice machine for you needs.
    1. Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for Ship
    2. Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for ShipAccording to classification society standards, our sea water flake ice machine for ship is specially designed for maritime ice making. With super anti-corrosion property, it utilizes seawater directly to make ice and is therefore an ideal tool for deep-sea fishing.
    1. Containerized Flake Ice Machine Unit
    2. Containerized Flake Ice Machine UnitContainerized Flake Ice Machine Unit can run for more than 26,000 hours without failures and produce more ice. Our product employs modular design, being able to install in the container.

Description of Flake Ice Machine
Flat in shape, flake ice made by Snowkey flake ice machine neither sticks nor agglomerates into lumps. It is therefore easy to store and deliver.
Our flake ice machine could produce flake ice out of fresh water, salt water and sea water. The fake ice is mainly applied for concrete cooling, especially in hot climate. Although it is slightly cooled down (-7℃), ice flake produced by our machine is still dry, which means its cooling capacity is by no way reduced. Since it is a kind of dry ice, the cooling output of the flake ice can be calculated to achieve the best cooling result.

Applications of Flake Ice Machine
Due to the above-mentioned characteristic and affordable costs, our flake ice machine is widely applied in food processing and storage, man-made ski ground, and other cooling application in construction, ocean fishing, nuclear project, chemical industry, medical industry, etc.

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