Combined Ice Storage

Our combined ice storage is another type of automatic ice storage. Movable and easy to install, our combined ice storage is applied for automatic ice supply and storage for situations where considerable ice is temporary in need.

Main components of Combined Ice Storage:
1. The ice storage is made up of reinforced base plate, sidewall plate, end wall plate and top plate. There is a 100mm-thick insulated layer of polyurethane foam inside the plate
2. The inner plate adopts galvanized sheet or stainless steel sheet. Between the bin plate and the galvanized sheet, there is a cold air passage.
3. At the two ends of ice storage bin, stainless steel insulated doors are applied for maintenance.
4. Hot galvanized ice raking device. The material of the ice raker and the annular chain is hard alloy.
5. Elevating device is hot galvanized with modular structure. It works automatically to keep ice raker above the ice surface. The ice raking frame can be adjusted according to the height of ice level detected.
6 As for bin door, there is dynamic and pneumatic actuator for your option. Below the bin door, there is a horizontal screw with two separate ice outlets (the outlet gate is automatically or manually opened and pneumatically operated), which can deliver ice at the same time or separately.
7. An air cooling system is applied inside to keep the temperature of the ice storage bin at -8℃, an ideal temperature to keep ice dry and crispy.
8. A complete set of control system with interface for connecting the control system of the mixing station, easy for remote control.
9. Inside the ice storage bin, there is ice raker balance detector, ice full detector and other related protecting device.
10. A monitoring system is equipped inside the ice storage bin.

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