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Falling-film Type Water Chiller

Falling-film type water chiller employs falling-curtain plates which are able to provide high heat transfer efficiency and produce ice water near 0℃. Meanwhile, there is enough space on the water side of the evaporator to against freeze.

1. Occasions required high hygiene grade. The water-contacted parts of our product are made of stainless steel, and water ponds and evaporators on the water side are very easy to clean.
2. Chemical Industry. For the chemical industry, we can use SUS 316L stainless steel with stronger corrosion resistance as raw materials.
3. Industrial applications. Our products can be widely used in cooling industrial equipment and concrete, and in other fields such as agricultural products processing, etc.

Key Parameters
Capacity: 1,000kg-37,500kg
Refrigerating capacity: 2374kCal-284,820kCal
Motor: 3HP-280HP

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