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Containerized Water Chiller

Containerized water chiller, specially developed for cooling industrial equipment, processing agricultural products, cooling concrete, etc., employs modular design to improve the operating efficiency and the energy consumption. With a size of ISO standard 20ft container, our products are very easy to move.

1. Employing three stage cooling system to save energy. Each stage automatically controls the outlet water temperature at 0.5℃. Among them, evaporators in the first and second use high efficiency heat exchange tubes, which have high heat transfer effect and are easy to clean. The third stage uses immersion heat exchanger tubes which are equipped with air agitation system and bear strong frost resistance.
2. Designed with water circulating mode. It starts automatically when the water temperature of the water tank is high, and stops automatically when the set temperature is reached.
3. Various specifications available. We provide various machines with different specifications to meet any of your needs. We adopt world-renowned brands to supply accessories, guaranteeing stable performance and providing easy maintenance.

Key Parameters
Capacity: 60,000kg-960,000kg
Refrigerating capacity: 2374kCal-284,820kCal
Motor: 3HP-280HP

Service condition:
Power supply: standard international universal power supply
Standard working condition: water in temperature 46℃, ambient temperature 40℃
Refrigerant:R404A, R507A

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