Containerized Water Chiller

Founded in 2000, we have 9 years of experience in producing water chiller. Our water chiller is a part of concrete cooling system that could be applied in harsh working conditions to produce cool water for industrial use.

Standard configuration of Containerized Water Chiller
1. Exterior: standard white 20/40 feet new container
Interior: decorated with air conditioner, illumination and aluminum alloy floor
2. Semi-hermetic screw or piston compressor for refrigerating compressor unit
3. Evaporative condenser with double speed fan
4. For the first and second stage, we adopt stainless heat exchanger or shell-tube evaporator
5. For the third stage, we adopt stainless immersion heat exchangers
6. Control and protect components
7. Refrigeration pipeline connection
8. Internal waterway valves
9. Backwater pump
10. Traffic indication and low water flow alarm system
11. Electrical control components and electric box
12. Control panel that shows five stages of water temperature
13. Optional original water tank and cool water tank display

Parameters of Containerized Water Chiller
Max. temperature: 60℃
Wet-bulb temperature: 30℃
Water-in temperature : 46℃
Water-out temperature: 4℃ .
Power supply: 3P/380V/50Hz
Run time: 24hours
Refrigerant: R22\R404A\R717

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