Chilling System

We are water chiller manufacturer and supplier. Our water chilling system is applied in our water chiller. It is energy-efficient and could be applied in harsh working conditions.

Features of Chilling System:
Snowkey water chilling system is containerized for convenient usage on harsh working sites. Adopting evaporative condenser and 4-stage water cooling system, it is capable of cooling water from 46℃ (or even higher) to 0.5℃.

Our efficient water chiller adopts 3 or 4-stage cooling system, galvanized evaporative condenser, cold water circulation pump, gauge and operation panel. It is also equipped with at least 2 sets of compressor in parallel connection, which consume less energy (more than 25%) than usual water chiller. The effective heat exchanger could produce 0.5℃ non-frozen water, avoiding the risk of ice jam.

The refrigeration system adopted by our water chiller can automatic control the load of the compressor to maintain a constant temperature of the water. Therefore, our Snowkey water chiller can perform more energy-efficiently.

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