Flake Ice Evaporator

Our flake ice evaporator is a component of our containerized ice making machine, which is a concrete cooling system. With several patented techniques, this containerized ice making machine is capable of producing even and powderless ice flake for long-time storage.

Working principle of Flake Ice Evaporator
Our flake ice evaporator is a kind of jacketed evaporator. Water is firstly pumped into the upside distributor and then evenly sprayed to the inner surface of the evaporator. As a result of refrigerant, the water turns into ice instantly. With a revolving ice blade, the ice is then scraped down and collected for storage. The un-frozen water will be recycled for making ice.

Features of Flake Ice Evaporator
1. Adopts several patented techniques to make sure the heat conductivity of flake ice evaporator
2. Non-leaking design on the bottom
3. Light-load screw ice blade, producing even and powderless ice scrap. The powderless ice flake is not apt to agglomerate and therefore could be stored for a long time.

Components of Flake Ice Evaporator
1. Outward: standard white 20/40 feet new container
2. Inward: decorated with air conditioner, illumination and alloy floor
3. Adopting semi-hermetic screw or piston compressor for refrigerating compressor
4. Flake ice evaporator with water tank and pump
5. Oil cooling system and oil recycling system
6. Evaporative condenser with double speed fan
7. Control and protect components for refrigeration system
8. Pipe line connection
9. Electrical control components and electric box for automatic control

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