Air Ice Delivery System

Air ice delivery system is suitable for long-distance ice delivery and other limited occasions. It could also simultaneously delivery ice to several destinations and greatly satisfy your ice delivery need.

Features of Air Ice Delivery System
1. Our air ice delivery system consists of high-capacity, low-voltage air blower, air cooling system, rotary valve, pipeline, control system and more.
2. It could either horizontally delivery ice from 200 meters away or vertically deliver ice for more than 25 meters.
3. Manual and automatic shunt valve are both available for your option.
4. An ice-air separator can be adopted for the ice to be delivered directly to the mixing machine.
5. Air cooling device is adopted to make the temperature inside the delivery pipeline below 5℃

Parameters of Air Ice Delivery System
Model Delivery capacity (Tons/hr) Horizontal delivery distance (m) Installation Power (kw)
AID-6 6 200 22
AID-10 10 200 22
AID-12 12 200 37
AID-15 15 200 37
AID-20 20 200 45
AID-25 25 150 45
AID-30 30 150 55
AID-35 35 100 75
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