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Combine Cold Storage Room

1. Manufactured by Italy imported production equipment, the combine cold storage room has high bubble density, offers good heat insulation performance, and is energy saving.
2. The product has simple structure, beautiful appearance, high strength, good stability, as well as high vibration and corrosion resistance.
3. The cold storage panels for composing the room come with compact core materials. The Labyrinth Style connection method ensures gapless connection between panels, which ensures increased air tightness and thermal insulation.
4. The cold room features convenient installation on-site, due to its eccentrically-hooked structure, and knockdown design. This also reduces construction time, and shortens the construction period.
5. The cold storage panels for cold storage room construction are available with custom-made length, width, height, and surface layer material, so as to meet users' varied application demands. We promise the final cold room has high quality and high reliability.

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