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Cold Storage Panel

Automatic Roll Forming
The imported roll forming machine provides the PU cold storage panel with high precision dimension. To satisfy clients' varied demands, the product is designed with adjustable length, width, and thickness; and each of the interior PU hard bubbles comes with uniform density, hardness, and volume-weight.

Super Physicochemical Characteristics
Composed of PU bubble groups with varied density, the product can effectively avoid interior holes or cracks that commonly seen in conventional typed of products. Thus, this product is provided with superior heat preservation, thermal insulation, flame resistance, and water resistance performance.

Safety and Fireproofing
The cold storage panel is fire resistance, and is safe to use, as its surface and core layers are all made of non-combustible or nonflammable materials.

Vast Range of Applications
With multiple functions such as heat insulation, inflaming retarding, corrosion resistance, anti-microbial, mildew resistance, and more, the product can be designed to meet a great variety of application demands.

Various Types and Models
We have different types of automatic roll forming machines, and infinitely adjustable equipment for producing PU hard bubbles with varied specifications. This allows us to manufacture products with different styles and models, so as to satisfy clients' varied demands.

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