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Concrete Cooling System

    1. Flake Ice Evaporator
    2. Flake Ice EvaporatorOur flake ice evaporator is a component of our containerized ice making machine, which is a concrete cooling system. With several patented techniques, this containerized ice making machine is capable of producing even and powderless ice flake for long-time storage.
    1. Electrical Control System
    2. Electrical Control SystemElectrical control system for containerized ice making machine is of high quality. Our electrical control system is produced with German standard. It is durable and easy to use.
    1. Compressor
    2. CompressorPiston compressor could be used in a wide range of applications. It is particularly suitable for small and medium refrigerating compress system. With high efficiency, flexibility, and high adaptability for temperature, it could be used in several demanding refrigerating systems.
    1. Chilling System
    2. Chilling SystemSnowkey water chilling system is containerized for convenient usage on harsh working sites. Adopting evaporative condenser and 4-stage water cooling system, it is capable of cooling water from 46℃ (or even higher) to 0.5℃.
    1. Containerized Water Chiller
    2. Containerized Water ChillerFounded in 2000, we have 9 years of experience in producing water chiller. Our water chiller is a part of concrete cooling system that could be applied in harsh working conditions to produce cool water for industrial use.
    1. Ice Storage
    2. Ice StorageOur automatic ice storage is applied for automatic ice supply and storage for situations where considerable ice is temporary in need. It could automatically level the ice produced by ice maker in the container until the container is full.
    1. Combined Ice Storage
    2. Combined Ice StorageOur combined ice storage is another type of automatic ice storage. Movable and easy to install, our combined ice storage is applied for automatic ice supply and storage for situations where considerable ice is temporary in need.
    1. Screw Ice Delivery
    2. Screw Ice DeliveryOur screw ice delivery is a kind of ice delivery equipment that adopts screw blade to deliver ice flakes. It is especially economical for short-distance ice delivery.
    1. Air Ice Delivery System
    2. Air Ice Delivery SystemAir ice delivery system is suitable for long-distance ice delivery and other limited occasions. It could also simultaneously delivery ice to several destinations and greatly satisfy your ice delivery need.
    1. Screw Ice Weigher
    2. Screw Ice WeigherSnowkey screw ice weigher is specially designed for high-efficient weighing of flake ice. It is usually applied for delivering ice to belt conveyor. With patented digital filter technology, this weigher features accurate computation and stable performance.
    1. Pneumatic Ice Weigher
    2. Pneumatic Ice WeigherOur pneumatic ice weigher is of rectangular structure. With a gate on the bottom and insulated plate (galvanized or stainless steel) for the inner walls, our pneumatic ice weigher is tightly sealed and could perform stably.
    1. Concrete Cooling  Solution
    2. The concrete cooling solution is developed relying on our years of experience in the industry. The cooling surface of the ice produced with our concrete cooling system is up to 1750m2/ton, resulting in optimal cooling effect.

During the condensation and rigidification of concrete, a lot of hydration heat is generated. The heat inside the concrete accumulates and the temperature will increase rapidly. The thick and large structure of concrete is not easy for heat to emit. As a result, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the concrete increases and tensile stress comes up. When the tensile stress becomes too big for concrete to bear, it cracks.

In order to avoid this kind of crack, the inside temperature of concrete should be strictly controlled. An effect way is to reduce the temperature of concrete during pouring. Namely, pre-cooling the aggregate and mixing the concrete with cold water and flake ice to reduce the concrete temperature. This is the most effective measure for reducing concrete pouring temperature.

Features of Concrete Cooling System
Snowman can provide you with a customized ice-making solution for your specific application. We have not only provided various kinds of ice-making systems but also real time services for our global clients.

Safety and Sanitation
Snowman is always in the pursuit of manufacturing products with high sanitation standards. Every component of our ice machine is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy or PE material. Therefore, our machines are HACCP and FDA certificated. As a result, our ice maker can produce dry, pure, powderless ice flake which is not apt to lump at the lower part of the machines.

High Reliability, Low Breakdown Rate
Snowman integrates many advanced ice-making technology and experience around the world. 80% of the fittings of Snowkey ice-making systems adopt imported components. Our concrete cooling system is designed for mass production and long-term usage. With decades of research, Snowman are now capable to produce high quality ice machine that could work constantly for 26,000 hours without breakdown. Our products are widely used various fields all over the world.

High Efficiency and Energy Saving
Our optimized ice maker units can work constantly, without wasting energy. We have also adopted alloy material and patented technology to ensure efficient heat conductivity. Compared with other units, Snowkey ice maker can produce more ice when the same compressor is applied.

Simple Maintenance and Installation
All the components of our concrete cooling system are of module design. They are convenient for on-site maintenance and replacement.

High Adoptability and Quality
Our products can work smoothly with a normal ice output at the temperature ranging from 5 to 40 ℃. Our special-designed ice machine could also work in the worst temperature conditions (-30~60℃). Moreover, Snowkey products could also be installed in containers where air cooling system is applied to keep stable temperature of the container. Our equipment could therefore, work unaffected. At Snowman, we aim to provide our customers with stable, reliable and durable concrete cooling system. That is why each component of our equipment is strictly inspected. Welcome to choose.

After service
Since foundation, Snowman has been offering every customer not only high quality products but also top services. Our after service team is made up of experienced engineers and experts.

Snowman is committed to research and manufacturing concrete cooling equipment. We have provided overall cooling systems for many skyscrapers, water conservancy projects, nuclear projects, mines and so on.
Our concrete cooling system is comprised of Ice Making Machine, Water Chiller, Automatic Ice Storage, Ice Delivery Equipment, and Ice Weighing Equipment. For more information, please browse their specific pages.

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